Our History...

Math is not our strongest subject, but at last count the 3 of us have almost 70 years combined experience... We've been doing this since grease pencils and razor blades.

We work with radio stations and clients from all around the world... Big or small, Fortune 500 or Mom & Pop... Ad Agencies too. Whatever your message, we'll get the word out.

Those that can... do.

Not that you clicked on the link expecting to get a resume, but we know when you're looking to put your trust in someone to be the sound of your radio station, or the voice of your company... Experience is an important factor.

Our staff is grateful to have worked with stations from Chicago to Charlotte - ClearChannel, Cumulus and Infinity - Programming, Marketing, or Production - from faces on Morning Show billboards to hanging banners - we've done it all... and crazy as it may sound, we still enjoy this stuff.

We also have a great list of commercial clients who have continued doing business with us year after year. That in itself is reward for a job well done.

We've been helping our radio and commercial clients reach their goals since the company formed in 1989... If you'd like to see the same satisfaction, contact us today.

We love our clients.

Wal-Mart XXXXXxxxxxXX Dr. Pepper XXxxxxXXX Saturn XXXxxx Cracker Barrel XXxXxxXX 7-eleven XXX...Xxxxx Colgate XXXxxx Fast Signs XXxxxxxXXX Gutter Guard XxxXXX Auto Zone XXXXX Sony Music XXxxxxXX Durango Boots XXXX Nectar Radio

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