Is that you Mr. Know it all?

Someone who tells you over an over again how smart they are... usually doesn't have a clue.

So we'll keep it brief

Learning every day

The industry as we know it is changing every day. Radio, Advertising, New Media... It's all driving in the fast lane.

Working with radio stations like WUSN/Chicago, KCYE/Las Vegas, WSOC/Charlotte, WSM/Nashville, WBCT/Grand Rapids... And having commercial clients such as Wal-Mart, Dr Pepper, Saturn, Cracker Barrel and most of the record labels in Nashville... Has taught us a whole lot, and you can reap the benefits of that knowledge.

What we're not

Unlike a lot of other folks that are trying to be radio programmers and producers, we really are... We talk the talk and walk the walk. Your job is difficult, you should not have to baby sit a Voice Over guy - or a production company. When you're stressed for time, it's nice to know you have another set of intelligent, experienced eyes and ears on the product.

Need help

We also do script - from conception to completion, commercial copy, imaging copy, we even design and deliver multi market national campaigns. Have use for an Imaging Director? Call us. Let us know what you need... we're here to help.